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As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), Social Wireless delivers peace of mind through the monitoring and management of security devices and systems. We are responsible for preventing and handling circumstances that affect performance and/or compromise the availability of a small and medium-sized business’ (SMBs) operations –including incidents that affect the security of information assets. 

Our stack of services empowers SMBs with leading enterprise-level technology that supports business continuity and allows detecting, intercepting and handling attacks across their infrastructure in real-time, all the time. 


Our security ecosystem for network and endpoint protection, encompass services such as IT architecture design and consulting, disaster recovery, data backup and recovery, cloud-to-cloud backup, managed firewall / human firewall , ransomware and malware protection, cybersecurity liability insurance, intrusion detection, virtual private network management, risk assessment, dark web monitoring, email security antivirus and antispam, anti-viral services and more. 


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