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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Get advantage of the pioneered cloud solutions for enterprise mobility and gained recognition for our unified endpoint management technology.

Machines can only move if every gear in a machine works together. Let us help you using our technology as coordinating the movements of many gears - people and devices -, so your business can function and thrive.


Secure, Monitor and mange all Business endpoint. 

Gain the power to manage a range of devices remotely. We have the tools to offer you an unified approach for managing all types of endpoints, apps and content used in a business ecosystem.



Manage and monitor devices that do not run any OS.

Let us help you to manage these “not so smart” endpoints by introducing “smart” logic at the host machine level, which performs the role of a proxy for these endpoints.


Rock-Solid security and remote management of your rugged devices  

We work together offering you a trusted MDM tool used to secure, monitor, and manage rugged devices. SureMDM supports the management of rugged handhelds and mobile computing devices manufactured by various OEMs such as Zebra, Datalogic, to name a few.

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