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Comprehensive MSSP Protection Including Anti Spam and Antivirus

Social Wireless Technologies Inc. is a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that can help you stay on top of all of the security threats your company faces including antivirus protection and anti spam services.
Protecting your computers and your networks is one of the best ways to protect your investment. Your company relies on its digital technology to compete with the competition and offer your goods and services to your customers. Social Wireless Technologies Inc. takes care of the security concerns for you so you can focus on staying competitive.
Anti spam
You might be thinking that spam is relatively harmless. While it may be annoying, there isn't much of a threat posed by the occasional unwanted advertising email. However, this isn't always the case.
What most people don't know about the spam emails that are showing up in their junk folder is that they are often sent by botnets and virus infected computers.
When a spam email is opened up, especially if it has an attachment, it can infect the host computer and make it become part of its bot network. Then it forces your computer to send out more spam email. If your company accidentally opens a spam email it can compromise your entire network.
The anti spam services offered by Social Wireless Technologies Inc. are designed to help protect your company's digital equipment. Teach out today for more information about how you can be protected from having your computer turned into a spam bot.
Today, more of our devices are connected into the Internet. It's not just computers and laptops we have to worry about getting infected by viruses, but also our watches, printers, and even our vehicles.
Antivirus protection has always been the key to maintaining a healthy computer network. Today, viruses are more sophisticated than ever and have found new ways to infect computer systems. This makes it harder to detect viruses when you are working on your own.
Some of the most difficult computer viruses to deal with don't just shut down your computer, but they hold it ransom. The important machinery your company relies on every day can be, effectively, held hostage by a malicious hacker. The antivirus protection offered by Social Wireless Technologies Inc. is designed to keep your company safe from even to the most advanced of online threats.
The fact that more of our devices are connected to the internet means that there are more opportunities for viral infection to emerge. It's no longer enough to just train your employees not to click suspicious links in emails. Websites, social media, and even downloadable apps are all new sources of viruses that people are less aware of.
Having an MSSP manage your security services means that you don't have to constantly retrain your employees about the changing nature of online threats. Social Wireless Technologies Inc. manages all of the overhead for you so that you can focus on your business. Get in touch today to start protecting your company from digital threats.

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