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FBI Issues ‘Drive-By’ Hacking Warning: This Is How To Secure Your Devices

Updated: May 1, 2023

"There is a gaping hole in our online security—the surge of connected devices we now surround ourselves with. Now the FBI has warned that “hackers can use those innocent devices to do a virtual drive-by of your digital life.” The issue is the smart digital technologies encroaching into all aspects of our lives: “Unsecured devices can allow hackers a path into your router, giving the bad guy access to everything else on your home network that you thought was secure. Are private pictures and passwords safely stored on your computer? Don’t be so sure.”

You’ll have heard of the Internet of Things, IoT. In short, this is the surge of connected “smart devices” we are buying in droves. Gone are the days when your WiFi served just your phone, tablet and laptop. Nowadays, your TV and audio, home utilities, fitness equipment, power adapters, printer, phone and even your fridge can connect to the outside world. The same FBI team has also warned on the specific issues from smart TVs. All very convenient—but all very dangerous as well."

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