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Garmin confirms a cyber attack took its systems offline

Updated: May 1, 2023

"Garmin is finally giving its users more information about the system outage the company has been dealing with since the morning of July 23rd. The company has just confirmed earlier reports that it was the victim of an external cyber attack that encrypted some of the company’s systems. This attack led to disruption to a host of Garmin’s systems, including “website functions, customer support, customer facing applications and company communications.” Crucially, Garmin says it has “no evidence” that any customer data, including payment information stored in Garmin Pay, was accessed by the perpetrators.

While things have slowly been coming back online, Garmin confirmed it’ll still be a few days before everything is back to normal. The company also stressed that it’ll likely take a bit of time for everything to sync back up fully once those online services are working again. Finally, Garmin said the functionality of its products were not affected aside from these online components — but given how crucial such connectivity is for wearable devices, that’s likely little comfort to users who’ve been running into problems for days now."

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